S K Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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**Admission Notice 2024-25**

First Merit List of FY B.A/B.COM 2024-2025

FY B.A          FY B.COM 

Click here : FYBA/BCOM Admission Notice for Inhouse 


Click here : FYBA/BCOM Admission Notice for OutSide

Undertaking 2024-25


College Undertaking


University Undertaking


University of Mumbai Admission Form


S K Somaiya College of ASC Admission Form 


Instructional Video of University of Mumbai Admission Form: Watch Video


Instructional Video of College Admission Form: Watch Video   or  Step by Step PDF


Fees Structure for F.Y. B.A./B.Com:
Installment I: ₹8,811, payable at the time of admission
Installment II: ₹5,000, payable by 30th September 2024
Installment III: ₹6,000, payable by 31st December 2024
Cancellation Policy : Click here
Communication Details: Monday to Saturday 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM
Admission Support: +912267169614
Account Support:     +912267169604
Technical Support:   +912267169628    Click Here to Chat on WhatsApp


The Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) is a Government of India’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) platform set up with the objective to ensure that every student in our country has access to the best quality of higher education at affordable costs. Also this platform through various courses, FDPs etc provides opportunities for teachers to further enhance their knowledge, skills & training.

Please refer to www.swayam.gov.in to get the list and the details of ongoing as well as new courses that would be offered on SWAYAM platform for semester starting January 2022.



Dr. Purushottam Wadje


The College has been re-accredited with Grade  “B+” with a CGPA score of 2.59 by NAAC recently. 

Dr. Purushottam Wadje









The vision and mission of the college is largely student-centric and aims at continued quality improvement. The aims can be enlisted as :

Curriculum delivery that supports -

  • updated knowledge imparting
  • participative learning
  • Use of innovative mediums in imparting the learning content.




From Principal's Desk

We at S K Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commmerce believe that creativity is an integral part of learning We understand that a creative teacher connects between  curriculum and methodology creating different activities to foster learning and an adequate learning environment for students to develop with great sensitivity 
We believe  that only a sound acquisition  of knowledge can enable  students apply it in creative ways 
Teachers help students have the requisite attributes and attitudes for creativity i.e persistence,discipline, resilience and curiosity open to new experiences and looking at problems from multiple  perspectives 
The students  who leave the portals of our college are therefore well equipped to face the challenges  of the fast changing  world with confidence ,pride and values
The management  , staff (teaching and non teaching) work in a cordial ,democratic atmosphere to make the college a second home for all associated with it