S K Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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Somaiya Vidyavihar is well renowned for its vast and lush green campus housing 34 institutions imparting academic excellence in fields as varied as medical, engineering, commerce, Sanskrit, Buddhism et al. Somaiya qualifications have acquired a brand name world over. For last 50 years the Somaiya educational group has created a glorious record of providing ‘Value Based Quality Education’
The College is one of the few young institutions of Somaiya Vidyavihar campus which has, within a very short span established a prestigious name in the field of education. The college made a modest beginning in the year 1995 with 300 students offering just two educational streams. Today it proudly boasts of educating more than 5500 students every year and offering 15 diverse Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate courses. Inspired by the vision of our founding father we endeavour to impart qualitative value based education. Over the years we have strived to blend conventional education with contemporary courses so as to equip our students with knowledge and skills required for gainful employment. We offer, to our eligible students a basket of career oriented courses to choose from, as per their likes and interests. The teaching learning process at our institute imbibes a very glocal approach i.e. while using the traditional personal touch method the faculty also uses the latest information communication technology to make the learning process highly effective.

Diversified Streams

In the year 2000-01 a new chapter was added to our institution as we introduced the science stream as we started the three year under graduate course in Computer Science. In the year, 2001-02, the three year under graduate programme in Information Technology was also introduced. In order to meet the demands of these courses the college has setup five laboratories.
It was a proud moment for us when the college became a recognized institution for post graduate programmes. We were one of the very few institutions in the University of Mumbai to get an affiliation for conducting such programmes within seven years of its inception. The post graduate programmes include M.Com. with specialization offered in Finance and Management started in the year 2002-03. This was followed by the introduction of M.Sc. (Computer Science) and M.Sc (Information Technology) the same year. Every year the number of students enrolling for these programmes has been steadily increasing.
In the year 2010-11, we also started M.Com. in Banking and Finance and in 2011-12 started Masters in Communication and Journalism.

The College is also a Research Centre offering Doctoral Program in Commerce and Economics.

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