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Student Activities







Dr. Manali Londhe represented University of Mumbai contigent, capacity of Team Leader during 2016-17 with students who won best speaker Award in Lok Sabha during mock parliament at National Level. She Co-ordinated with the then lok sabha speaker  Ms. Sumitra Mahajan. Entire Team Interacted with Lok sabha Speaker and got insight into various preceding of the Parliament.




TechXposure is a technical fest organised by CS and IT department. The fest unravelled it's diversity with the most well thought technical events like Tech Exhibition, Code Mapper, Error Hunt and Tech Quiz, action packed Gaming events like Counter Strike and PUBG and the most mirthful and artistic events like Treasure Hunt, Quilling, T-Shirt Painting with more of the best in class events like Blind Coding, Switch Heroes, Web Designing, Tech Debate, FIFA 19, Photoshop and more.

"Our Enthusiatic Team"


The College has, over the years, made a mark for itself in sports. A committee, comprising of teachers manages the activities of the gymkhana. Interested students are encouraged to compete at various Inter-Collegiate indoor and outdoor sports tournaments.

The vast open lush green campus with Cricket, Football grounds, Volley-ball, Basket-ball, Badminton and Tennis courts are a special attraction to sports enthusiasts. Currently the campus has also provided for Squash courts and an international athletic track has been set up to encourage a strong sports culture amongst the students.
Runita Moghe, SYBMS student of our college is a national level gymnast and was among the probables short-listed for the New Delhi Common Wealth Games 2010. She has also received the Raja Shiv Chhatrapati Award for gymnastics.

The college Cricket, Volley-ball and Football teams have represented the University of Mumbai teams at the State and National levels. Our students have also participated in other sports events such as Chess, Kabaddi, Carom and Martial Arts and brought many laurels to the college. Students engaged in sports activities are given attendance concession and extra lectures to enable them to cope with their gruelling training schedules.


The College has strated a number of initiatives for the campus vis-à-vis our students. These activities provide our students unique ways of expressing their thoughts and exhibiting their creative talents via various forums such as:

Photography Club-View Finder:- It gives the member students an opportunity to showcase their creative eye behind the lens.

Film Club - SMAC:- The Somaiya Movie Appreciation Club is a movie club with a difference. It screens good and meaningful films for the students of the campus. The movies are followed by discussions on the films by eminent directors and technicians related to the field.

Campus News paper - ViewPoint:- This venture is completely managed by the students of the college. It provides the students a unique way of expressing their thoughts. It is a newspaper which gives information about event and happening on the campus and also other burning issues which directly or indirectly has an impact on our life.

Journalistic Forum:- The forum is aimed at encouraging the reporting and writing skills of students.


Department of Environmental Studies organised a short film competition on 'SOLID WASTE'  .The best film





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