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Dear Students,

With the world changing at a the rapid pace and jobs being redefined across industries, it is imperative that our students are no longer restricted to only text books & normal learning methodology, but are able to develop competitive & relevant skillsets as required by today's fast changing economic scenario.


S. K. Somaiya  College of Arts, Science and Commerce strives  to be at the forefront of such change and is known as change leader. Our recent MOU with CASI Global New York ensures every student has access to world class certifications designed by IIT/IIM/Senior Management Professionals.


These certification programs are of 6 months duration, completely online & very relevant to industry practices.


Students enrolling for these certifications will be awarded joint certificates by S. K. Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce & CASI Global New York.


While enrolment for these certifications is optional, we are of the opinion that students should take advantage of these dual certifications offered by our college and enroll for one program per semester. 


Please find further details on www.casi-india.com/sksasc/


Dr. Manali Londhe

I/C Principal 


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